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Venaseal Closure System

The Venaseal Closure System is the latest advancement in the treatment of varicose veins.

This new, alternative treatment is yet another minimally invasive technique, that effectively destroys varicose veins without the need of intrusive surgery and general anaesthesia.

The procedure can be completed over 1 – 3 hours depending on severity, and patients are encouraged to walk around immediately after treatment.

There is minor recovery time, and most normal activities can be resumed immediately.

This treatment is relatively new to the industry, and Dr Henryk Poczwa is one of the few to offer the procedure here in New Zealand as an alternative to laser treatment of varicose veins.

Venaseal Procedure

The Venaseal procedure begins with an ultrasound of the leg in order to map out the damaged vein. A small catheter is then inserted into the vein and delicately fed up to the point where guling will begin.

Because there are no nerves inside a vein, the patient cannot usually feel any pain.

Once the catheter is in place, the Venaseal glue is injected, and the doctor will literally push down on your leg, sealing the vein shut.

The catheter is moved down a few centimetres, more glue is injected, and the doctor once again pushes down, sealing the vein shut.

The process is repeated every few centimetres, moving the catheter down the vein, gluing as it goes, until the entire section of vein is sealed shut from the inside.

Once the affected vein is closed, blood is immediately re-routed through other healthy veins in the leg.

The catheter is then removed and a small bandage is placed over the puncture site. Patients are encouraged to walk immediately and return to normal activities.

Any remaining veins are then usually treated with Sclerotherapy, which is the injection of a solution which destroys the vein walls. This is because the Venaseal technique can only be used on the upper portion of the varicose vein, while the lower branches are destroyed by Sclerotherapy.

Advantages of Venaseal

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