DR Tamsyn NewEll

Independant Medical Writer

Medical Writer/Editor

Qualifications: MBCHB, BABSC, Advanced Certificate in Phlebology, Certificate in Ultrasound

Expertise: Appearance Medicine, Phlebology

Education: University of Auckland

Tamsyn is a medical writer and editor based in New Plymouth, where she runs her practice with her husband Jarrod. She is passionate about helping her patients by using the latest technology and techniques. Writing provides her with the opportunity to share her experiences and discoveries.  

Being disciplined, focused and a bit of an introvert, Tamsyn loves connecting with people on a one-on-one basis. These qualities make her ideally suited to the field of medicine. Outside of work Tamsyn enjoys yoga, spin biking and horse riding (“to feel young and free again!”). A perfect week for Tamsyn is enjoying activities with her children, exercising and catching up with friends over dinner or coffee.

Tamsyn grew up in the Wellington region. Her parents have led the way in Appearance Medicine and Phlebology. Her father Dr Henryk Poczwa pioneered and performed the first EVLA (Endovenous Laser Ablation) treatment of large varicose veins. Her mother Bernadette Poczwa practicing Appearance Medicine since the early 90s. Inspired by her parent’s achievements Tamsyn started her career path for Appearance Medicine at the University of Auckland. Prior to Medicine, Tamsyn attended Elam School of Fine Art, at Auckland University where she focused on life drawing, particularly faces. She loves incorporating her artistic background into her daily work.

After becoming a doctor, she narrowed her field of expertise to include Phlebology and Appearance Medicine. She has worked in the cosmetic industry for over 4 years as a solo practitioner. Prior to this she studied and worked in these fields within the family business.

She recently received an Advanced Certificate in Phlebology (a three-year training program) through the Australasian College of Phlebology. She incorporates this experience into her venous work at her clinic.

Being actively involved in the daily operations of the business and having a passion for helping people look their best Tamsyn provides a wealth of knowledge on the topic of Appearance Medicine.

Read her latest blogs here. 

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