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LUMENIS M22 IPL – Photo Rejuvenation + Pigmentation

Intense pulsed light

Photo rejuvenation

Photorejuvenation describes the skin’s response to light treatments. After the treatment, the skin builds collagen over the following two months to give an improved, healthier appearance.

We utilize Lumenis M22 IPL, Quantum IPL, Fraxel (Laser) and Omnilux (LED) to stimulate this skin response.


IPL technology is a revolutionary treatment with the ability to improve a variety of benign skin conditions. IPL is safe, non-invasive and can be tailored to each patient.

Revolutionary treatment for: 

  • facial ageing
  • birthmarks
  • unwanted hair
  • unsightly small red veins
  • pigmentation
  • superior cosmetic results



Is IPL Rejuvenation suitable for me?

At the Vein and Skin Clinic you will have a consultation with one of our cosmetic nurses is prior to any IPL treatment to ensure that you’re a suitable candidate for the Intense Pulse Light. We can also perform a test patch in advance.

The IPL is activated on pigment.  So, a lighter skin tone and darker hair is the ideal candidate for IPL hair reduction.

How does IPL Rejuvenation work?

The Intense Pulsed light from the IPL machine is attracted to the pigment in the hair and hair follicle.  The machine uses heat to permanently destroy the follicle so it can no longer produce hair.

What areas can be treated?

Lumenis M22 Nd:YAG module, can treat telangiectasias, hemangiomas and other vascular lesions.

Choose IPL at the Vein and Skin Clinic to improve skin imperfections, signs of facial aging, birthmarks, unwanted hair, unsightly small red veins and pigment problems. 

Consult an experienced cosmetic nurse at the Vein and Skin Clinic to see how IPL can work for you. 

Are multiple treatments necessary?

By dividing the full program into several treatments (4-6 treatments), Photorejuvenation provides gradual improvement with very low risk, preserving the convenience of a ‘no downtime’ procedure.

Return to work and regular activities can occur immediately post treatment.  

Our strategy at the Vein and Skin Clinic, is to treat at a lower, safer level – and do more treatments.  Less is more.  This helps us avoid adverse reactions and burning.  

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Vein and Skin Clinic
38 Roxburgh Street
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To book a consultation with one of our doctors (fees apply) please Contact Us through our enquiry form, by phoning Vein & Skin Clinic on 0800 639 968, or simply book online with one of our Phlebologists.

The cost of this procedure varies according to the areas that require treatment and whether the area is treated alone or in conjunction with other areas. (This is most common).

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