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Vein Treatments

The Vein and Skin Clinic is at the forefront of all non-surgical vein treatments from huge varicose veins to tiny facial veins. Dr Poczwa pioneered and performed the first EVLA (Endovenous Laser Ablation) treatment of large varicose veins in New Zealand in 2002. He has successfully treated well over 1000 cases including some of the largest varicose veins seen in this hemisphere.   Dr Jarrod Newell has trained under Dr Poczwa, learning and perfecting the efficient technique in lasering varicose veins.  Dr Jarrod Newell, along with Dr Lorraine Smith now spear head the Vein and Skin Clinics vein treatments.

Varicose veins procedures are covered by most insurance companies including NIB First Choice, Sovereign and Southern Cross. The Vein and Skin Clinic is an affiliated provider to Southern Cross Healthcare.

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Skin Treatments

At the Vein and Skin Clinic we have specialised skin cancer physicians who can excise benign and cancerous moles/growths.  As New Zealanders, we are very aware of the harsh, harmful UV rays.  It is important to stay sun smart and have regular mole maps (dermatoscopy) to keep on top of your health.

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Cosmetic Surgery

At the Vein and Skin Clinic our doctors perform aesthetic cosmetic surgery procedures.  Have a browse through the different procedures and feel free to book in a consultation with the Dr to discuss these in detail.  No referral needed!


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